These villages in Spain have been named most beautiful

Alcudia in Majorca, Spain.
Alcudia in Majorca, Spain. Image: Walkerssk Pixabay CC0

Hamlets with mountaintops kissing the clouds, streets lined with mosaic tiles, and white wedding houses looking over the sea, check out some of the most beautiful Spanish villages!

 The title was given by the Los Pueblos mas Bonitos de Espana  (The Association of the Most Beautiful Villages of Spain). The entries are reviewed from across the country and include villages in the Canary and Balearic Islands. The Association was founded in 2011 and its list now features 94 settlements. It bases its selection on 40 strict criteria concerning for example care of heritage and green areas.

The list includes villages nestled in fort walls, looking over a castle touch the sky, dotted by orchards, and dotted by houses that look like the snowdrift.

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