European Heritage Tribune FAQ’s

What is the Heritage Tribune?

The European Heritage Tribune (abbreviated as EHT) is a free periodical e-mail newsletter that offers an overview of all the news on Cultural Heritage from the European Countries and institutions. We select our news specifically to cover pan-European developments, events or views. If we believe it is of interest from a professional point of view we also publish local news.

The newsletter is supported by a website with a news archive and by channels on Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. The EHT started in 2019 and is part of the legacy of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 (EYCH2018). We are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Why a European newsletter?

European creative sectors are rapidly growing towards each other. People from different countries are increasingly seeking to exchange knowledge and work together. At the EHT we keep everybody up to date on what’s happing ‘on the other side of the border’, contributing to a growing European base of knowledge and experience, and connecting people from the cultural heritage sector with other cultural and creative sectors.

How does the Heritage Tribune collect the news?

The EHT gets its news from different sources, big and small and from all European countries. We publish the news and press releases offered by organisations in the sector and we also publish news originating from other news outlets. In the latter case, we publish excerpts from the articles and provide a link to the original source.

What about language?

We intend to overcome language issues by translating the news for you in a number of languages. At this moment, the website can be read in many languages (auto translate) but the Heritage Tribune Newsletter is only available in English. In the near future, we hope to provide the newsletter in French and German as well.

Who is the European Heritage Tribune for?

Our newsletter is for anyone who wants to be involved in cultural heritage, on the basis of their profession and work, their interest or their commitment.

Despite being funded on an EU scale, we cover news from all over Europe, limited in a geographical sense rather than a political one. We believe the shared European heritage is not limited to those countries in the EU.

Can I become a correspondent?

The Heritage Tribune strives to build a network of correspondents in all European countries. These correspondents should have a good overview of what’s going on in their country/region in the field of Cultural Heritage Policy, everyday practices and public opinion.

Interested? Please contact our editors at

Will the European Heritage Tribune publish my articles?

We always welcome content and articles from our readers. If you wish to contribute, you can send us content in the form of press releases, letters, articles or even the link to a specific article.

Send your content to (our editors reserve the right to decline to publish information if they deem it too commercial, off-topic, or poor taste).