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The European Heritage Tribune is a leading digital news platform for the European heritage community. We are dedicated to building a network for cultural heritage by sharing timely and relevant news and disseminating valuable knowledge within the sector.

As an independent and forward-thinking source, we strive to inform and educate professionals and enthusiasts alike, promoting the preservation and celebration of Europe’s rich heritage.”

We cross the boundaries, question the usual and voice the underrepresented.

The European Heritage Tribune is a free weekly digital newsletter with daily updates. Our platform covers news and events that influence the cultural heritage sector in Europe, including politics, economy, policy, legislation, finance, climate change, digitization, tourism, and more.

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The Heritage Tribune collaborates closely with young professionals from all over Europe to bring new energy and approaches to the table.

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The European news platform is sustained with the support of partners and sponsors both private and public and is a lasting legacy of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.