Making money with reused materials from your museum

Report on an intriguing practice of a museum in Athens, filmed during European Heritage Days 2022

Videostill European Heritage Days report Herakleidon museum in Greece

Greece celebrated European Heritage Days from September 23 – 25. Our local reporters Manthos Velogiannis and Sophia Panagiotopoulou made an interesting report on a museum that is recycling and reusing their old materials to produce new and original merchandise.

The celebrations in Greece focused on Sustainable heritage – ‘Preserving the past for future generations’. Manthos and Sophia visited the Herakleidon museum for a workshop on reusing recyclable materials and converting them into daily-use objects such as tote bags, folders and laptop bags.

Check the video below:

European Heritage Days

The European Heritage Days are one of the biggest cultural events that take place in 50 countries in Europe. From mid-August to early November, thousands of events will take place across these countries to celebrate their national culture and heritage. Take a look at our video from Greece about a workshop on material reuse and creating innovative and stylish products from them.

Filmed by local volunteers

The ‘Local Heritage Reports 2022’ were filmed by young local reporters from 10 countries, such as Ireland, Finland, and Germany. The theme for the European Heritage days was ‘sustainability’.

Click this link to see the whole 3 min. video Manthos Velogiannis and Sophia Panagiotopoulou made at the Herakleidon museum!

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