German prize for digital cultural education awarded for the first time

Kulturlicher Preis

These three Kulturlichter 2020 awards made their debut this year. Image: Kulturstiftung der Länder (Youtube)

In March, the German “Kulturlichter Preis” was awarded for the first time. The German federal government grants the prize to promising digital cultural education initiatives. Out of the 129 applicants, one museum and two projects managed to impress the jury the most.

The “Lernplattform für Jewish Places” from the Jewish Museum Berlin received the Federal Prize, wrote. The State Prize went to “Fabmobil“, a mobile art and digital workshop project for rural areas. The ASA-FF project “Hiking day in space” received enough votes in an online poll to clinch the Audience award.

From heritage to workshops

The Federal Prize honoured the learning platform for Jewish Places so that it can be implemented nationwide. Users can learn more about Jewish heritage and add their own research results on local Jewish history to the online portal. To support this, the learning platform for Jewish Places received a grant of €20.000. Germany’s Federal Minister of Culture, Monika Gütters, praised the winner for bringing out Jewish culture diversity in an accessible way. (Text continues below tweet)

The State Prize winner, Fabmobil, was also granted €20.000 to transfer the project to an (inter)regional level. The Fabmobil is a double-decker bus with a technology workshop and art, culture and future laboratory on board. It drives through rural areas in Eastern Germany, providing workshops for young and old to stimulate cultural and technological participation. 

The Audience Award focused on projects with potential, but that still need further development. Therefore, “Hiking day in Space” did not receive any prize money. Instead, the winner will receive advice from German experts based on the project’s needs and concerns. The digital classroom piece “Hiking day in Space” is an interactive puppet theatre via an online stream for young children. You can watch all the pitches from the award-winners in the video below in German. (Text continues below video)

Need for culture

Dr Markus Hilgert, General Secretary of the Kulturstiftung der Länder and co-chairman of the jury, was pleased with the Kulturlichter awards’ first edition. “There is a great need for digitally supported culture. I was impressed by the applicants’ enthusiasm and experimental ideas. Congratulations to all the award winners!”

This article was brought to our attention by European Heritage Youth Ambassador Jennifer Marie Wenzler.

Source: Fabmobil (German), Hiking day in space (German), (German) and Lernplattform für Jewish Places (German)

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