UNESCO launches a report on impact of COVID-19 on the museum sector around the world

Van Gogh Museum in pre-COVID times.
Van Gogh Museum in pre-COVID times. Image: jankie Wikimedia CC BY-SA 2.0

This report presents a first evaluation of the impact of COVID-19 on the museum sector across the world, sheds new light on the key trends adopted by museums, their reaction in the face of the crisis, their capacity for resilience, and the challenges of accessing culture.

The report’s key findings are that

  1. there has been a 60% increase in number of museums around the world between 2012-2020.
  2. there are 92,000 museums around the world
  3. 90% of the museums have shut their doors during the crisis.

This report is expected to facilitate not only the study of museum practices but also to explore solutions to help museums post crisis. Many museums were quick to adapt to the situation by increasing their presence online which would help them in the future to work towards sustainability.

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