Watch: what are heritage futures and why are they important?

Image: Screenshot Linnaeus University
Image: Screenshot Linnaeus University

Very often, we think about heritage as conservation and preservation. Old buildings fall into disrepair and traditions are forgotten. It’s natural that we want to keep our heritage safe and unchanged. Heritage is also used to present our current values, as well as to encourage sightseeing and identity. How do we manage all these different aspects?

The UNESCO Chair on Heritage Futures aims to navigate these tricky questions and beliefs. Heritage brings us benefits right now, but it also needs to be prepared for the future. The decisions that we make today for heritage could affect us in the future.

The Heritage Futures team at Linnaeus in Sweden present an animation to help understand these issues:

When dealing with the past, it’s also important to think about the future. If you are working with heritage, how are you preparing for the coming generations?

Find out more about the UNESCO Chair on Heritage Futures here. If you want to share an interesting project about preparing heritage for the future, contact us at [email protected].

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