River Tweed and Tweed Bridge, near Peebles Image: Kjetil Bjørnsrud (wikipedia)

£20million project to turn River Tweed into major tourist destination

The River Tweed, between Scotland and northern England is to be turned into a major tourist destination, according to plans recently unveiled. The project, dubbed ‘Destination Tweed’ is to turn the area into an ‘ambitious and far-reaching tourism destination’. A sum of £20million is to be used to invest in a visitor experience including an augmented reality experience audio tours and geo-mapping accesible through smart phones. 

The River Tweed is a river 97 miles (156 km) long that flows across the border between Scotland and northern England.  It is a source of natural, built and cultural heritage and various visitor attractions, but is still largely unknown as a destination.

The project, dubbed ‘Destination Tweed’ is a joined prohect by Tweed Forum, Scottish Borders Council (SBC), Northumberland County Council and others.

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