The former Cardiff Synagogue on Cathedral Road
The former Cardiff Synagogue on Cathedral Road Image: Josie Campbell (Wikimedia) CC BY-SA 2.0

Wales’ Jewish history: Call to record it before it is too late

Volunteers are trying to create a permanent archive to record the 250-year history of Jews in south Wales. The first Jewish community was established in south Wales in the 18th Century when eastern European workers were attracted to the country during the Industrial Revolution. However, the once-thriving Jewish community in Wales has declined over the past century, and there are only a few hundreds of Jewish people living in Wales today with many aged 80 or over.

Currently, a mobile exhibition of 72 oral histories and 6000 images is touring in Wales. However, it would cost £60,000 to place it online and at museums permanently. The Jewish History Association of South Wales (JHASW) now hope to get grant from Heritage Lottery Fund to cover this cost and provide further training for the volunteers. If the grant is successful, more researches will also be conducted to offer a more thorough account of the Jewish history in Wales.

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