Eastnor Castle
Eastnor Castle, Ledbury, England. Image: Pauline Eccles, Wikimedia.

Report: Innocastle study visit to Wales and England

From the 20th to 24th of may 2019, the second Innocastle Study Visit took place. This time, the trip took them to Wales and England. Recently, Innocastle have published their learning report in which they write about their findings from the trip.

The themes that were selected for the study trip are: volunteering (discussing the future of volunteer work), partnerships working (how to build an effective partner relationship) and business development/economic diversification/reaching audiences (how to make heritage sites more economically sustainable). 

They trip included a partner meeting where partners and stakeholders presented the issues that need to be addressed in the action plan. Furthermore, the group visited some historical sites such as Eastnor Castle, Croft Castle and Hay-on-Wye. 

The Innocastle study report offers a more detailed look into the partner meeting, the site visits and an analysis of the situation in Wales & England. 

Read the full report here.