New tourism initiative highlights hidden Welsh churches

An example of what Wales has to offer: Tintern Abbey. Image: Saffron Blaze (Wikimedia), CC BY-SA 3.0

The UK’s National Churches Trust has created tours through Wales which feature beautiful but less known churches and chapels from the region. With this, the trust wants to respond to the predicted post-covid holiday trends.

Over the past year, a lot of heritage organisations have had to think about ways to keep people connected to cultural sites. Predicted holiday trends point towards staycations and “more pastoral, off the beaten track locations, where people can fully immerse themselves in the outdoors and avoid the potential for crowds.”

The National Churches Trust is now offering guided tours to people looking for a calm holiday off the beaten tracks. Once Covid restrictions allow it, tourists can visit churches and chapels while enjoying the rest of the Welsh scenery.

According to the Trust’s website:

“From kayaking along the Pembrokeshire coast and cycling through Anglesey, exploring pilgrim churches en route, to churchyard stargazing and willow weaving workshops, our ‘Experiences by ExploreChurches’ reveal the very best of Wales’ rich culture, history, heritage and environment.”

Wales is home to many ancient religious buildings that are often not very well-known. Tours like these can therefore be a great way to show people everything a region has to offer. The ‘Experiences by ExploreChurches’ tours come in different price ranges and levels of hiking experience. You can find an overview of the tours here.

Source: National Churches Trust

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