‘Extraordinary’ Roman mosaic and villa complex discovered in England

The mosaic. Source: Historic England
The mosaic. Source: Historic England

A Roman mosaic and surrounding villa complex have been discovered beneath a farmer’s field in Rutland, England. The mosaic measures 11 meters by almost 7 metres and depicts part of the story of the Greek hero Achilles. It is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom.

The mosaic forms the floor of what is thought to be a large dining or entertaining area. The villa complex is likely to have been occupied in the late Roman period by a wealthy individual.

The mosaic was discovered in 2020. On 25 November 2021, the mosaic and villa complex have been protected as a scheduled monument by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) on the advice of Historic England.

Duncan Wilson, Chief Executive of Historic England, said: “To have uncovered such a rare mosaic of this size, as well as a surrounding villa, is remarkable. Discoveries like this are so important in helping us piece together our shared history. By protecting this site we are able to continue learning from it, and look forward to what future excavations may teach us about the people who lived there over 1,500 years ago.”

Read the press release on the Historic England website.

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