Church of England relics are kept safe in Tower of London amid looting fears

The Tower of London from an aerial view.
The Tower of London from an aerial view. Image: [Duncan] Wikimedia CC BY SA 2.0

As church buildings remain closed due to social distancing measures by the Government in wake of Corona Lockdown, valuables from London Churches have been moved to secure locations for safety purposes.

The Tower of London which housed crown jewels since 1661, is now housing artefacts known as “Church Plate”. The building also housed important relics during both the World Wars and during the civil turmoil, both during modern and medieval times.

An independent conservator has been appointed to work with London’s Parish Property Support team to log, pack and transport these relics to secure locations.

To find out more about the measures being taken to ensure the safety of these artefacts, log on to The Express.

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