European Heritage Days 2022: Visit a sustainable restoration workshop in Ukraine

Ukraine celebrated their heritage days on September 9 – 11. Our local Ukrainian reporter Iryna Bukhnii made an intriguing report on an event held in Lviv, called ‘ReStare’.

Even though the country is war-torn at the moment, the Ukrainian people’s spirits are high to celebrate the European Heritage Days in Lviv. Iryna reports on an architectural restoration atelier. The workshop emphasises the sustainable restoration of old furniture and building materials.

European Heritage Days

The European Heritage Days are one of the biggest cultural events that take place in 50 countries in Europe. From mid-August to early November, thousands of events will take place across these countries to celebrate their national culture and heritage. Take a look at our video from Ukraine about the restoration of old architectural elements such as doors, chairs, window frames etc from various countries and time periods.

Filmed by local volunteers

The ‘Local Heritage Reports’ will be filmed by young local reporters from 10 target countries this year, such as Ireland, Finland, and Germany amongst others. The theme this year for European Heritage days is sustainability. Our reporters will uniquely capture the theme in their reports.

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