The Netherlands nominates Dutch Water Line as UNESCO World Heritage

Fortified town of Naarden, the Netherlands
Fortified town of Naarden, the Netherlands Image: Gerbrant (wikimedia)

The Netherlands has presented the Dutch Water Lines as nomination for a UNESCO World Heritage status. The Water Lines were a series of water-based defences from the early 17th to 19th century. In the event of a war, large patches of land could be inundated as a defensive mechanism to stop enemy troops. The many remnants include a series of forts, foritified towns and intrinsic water works.

The Dutch Water Lines qwere built to protect the political economic heart of the country and form typical Dutch historical sites as a rememberance to the Dutch independance and its strong relationship with water .

Read the full article (in Dutch) at the Rijksdienst voor Cultureel Erfgoed (RCE).

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