Preventing & recovering from the destruction of cultural heritage: an overview of Dutch expertise

Notre Dame on fire
NotreDame on Fire, april 2019. Image: LeLaisserPasserA38 CC BY-SA 4.0

In view of the Notre Dame fire, DutchCulture provides an overview of the organisations, institutes and initiatives in the Netherlands that are working in the field of prevention and risk management, mitigating disasters and/or recovering from the (partial) destruction of cultural heritage, both on national and international levels. Here are a few examples:

Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE) offers expertise in risk management for collections and the 9-step approach for managing indoor climate risks in museums and historical buildings.

The Centre for Global Heritage and Development is working on the research theme Heritage under Threat, which focuses on heritage and archaeology in situations of war, conflict and natural disaster and the issues facing heritage protection around the world.

Prince Claus Fund, together with ICCROM (based in Italy), published an innovative handbook and toolkit on First Aid to Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis that is freely accessible online.

Explore these organisations, institutes and initiatives at DutchCulture.

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