European Heritage Days 2021 in the Netherlands

From mid-August to early November, thousands of “Open Heritage” events have taken place across Europe during the European Heritage Days 2021. Take a look at one of the short video impressions of those events: a visit to the De Vriendschap corn mill.

Jochem Sluijter visited the De Vriendschap corn mill in Weesp, the Netherlands, during the European Heritage Days. He interviewed Suzanne Brakenhoff, one of the millers of the corn mill.

Watch the video here.

European Heritage Days

Suzanne Brakenhoff is happy to organise a European Heritage Day event. She tells that she tries to attract young people to the corn mill: “And so I am always very interested in: how can we for example make more of social media, or make it more digital with which we also attract that generation.”

Although working on a windmill is quite demanding, more and more women are becoming millers, and why not?

Suzanne Braakhof

Suzanne Brakenhoff

Filmed by local volunteers

This is one of five video reports on the European Heritage Days 2021. The reports are filmed by young local volunteers in Serbia, Cyprus, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. The five reports are a part of a scalable pilot project that provides insights into how the European Heritage Days are celebrated throughout Europe.

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The European Heritage Days are happening every year from mid-August to early November in the 50 countries party to European Cultural Convention.

Every year millions of people attend the European Heritage Days.