Ends and new beginnings

‘Every End is a New Beginning’: December marks the end of the pilot-year for the European Heritage Tribune, the first European newsletter on cultural heritage. The good news: 2019 was a success! Not only did it bring us a lot of positive feedback, but the number of subscribers also grew beyond our expectations. We now truly reach out to people from all over Europe, both professionals in cultural heritage and aficionados alike.

More good news: we’ll continue full force in 2020. The launch during the European Cultural Heritage Summit end of October in Paris, marked the real beginning. Our first goal in 2020: double the frequency of the newsletter from once a month now, to every two weeks. Whether we can achieve this goal is, like some other things in life, a matter of finance, but we’ve got high hopes. Another new year’s resolution: extend our network of volunteer correspondents to all countries in Europe. If you feel like helping us here, feel free to contact us: [email protected]

So for 2019 it’s a big ‘thank you!’ for to everybody that is helping us grow or supporting us in one of the many other ways. Another, special, very big ‘thank you’ goes to our partners and sponsors who made this initiative, a spin-off of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018, take off! Have a very nice Christmas & Newyear everybody.