Amsterdam’s bridges and canal sides in historic city center need urgent repair work

Canals in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Canals in Amsterdam, the Netherlands Image: Peter K Burian (wikimedia)

The city of Amsterdam was unpleasantly surprised last month after the release of a report that stated that many of the hundreds of bridges and many kilometers of it’s canal sides in the historic city center are in dire need of repair. Urgent action has been taken for at least 10 kilometers of canal side and six bridges which showed an immediate risk of collapse.

The report stated that the city has consistently neglected the works. The damages consist of cracks in the masonry and warped constructions which may eventually lead to collapse.

Plans for maintenance
As a response, the city has presented its plans to tackle the overdue maintenance. Work on the waterworks, which will start in 2021, will take years and may cost up to billions. Traffic in the inner city will be heavily impeded. However, the appearance of the listed monumental bridges is to be preserved.

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