Historical store front in Amsterdam Image: IVEM
Historical store front in Amsterdam Image: IVEM

Amsterdam introduces subsidy for restoration of historic store fronts

The city of Amsterdam introduces as subsidy for store owners to aid in the costs of restoring historical store fronts. In the past decades many historically important and visually pleasant store fronts have disappeared. Some are hidden behind contamporary boarding or stoer blinds, must many have perished due to bad mainenance or demolition.

The city wants to regain those striking store fronts to improve the visual appearance of its streets. Owners and even tenants can apply for a subsidy which will reimbuse 50% of the total costs, up to €15.000,-. Additionally, the option is available to receive reimbursement of the costs of any historical research of up to €5.000,-.

Read more (in Dutch) at the website of the municipality of Amsterdam.