Heritage holiday: a trip along every Spanish Game of Thrones location

Whether you have watched Game of Thrones or not, you will surely take some travel inspiration from this trail. Image: RuslanKaln/Canva

The immensely popular Game of Thrones television series was an absolute hit from 2011 until the last season aired in 2019. Apart from a compelling story, the series is known for its beautiful use of landscapes, castles and heritage sites. As summer is approaching fast, this tour around Spanish Game of Thrones locations should inspire even those that have not watched a single episode of the series.

The entire Spanish Game of Thrones route. Image: Spanje Vandaag/Google Maps/screenshot

The round tour was made by Spanje Vandaag, a Dutch news platform on Spanish news. The route takes you along 18 separate locations used during the filming of season 6, 7 and 8. The journey contains 3179 km and starts in Catalonia and ends in Navarra. Due to Google Maps’ limitation of adding stops, the map is split in two. The letters A-H are used twice in the first part and the second part of the route.

The first part of the journey takes you from Girona to Seville:

The second part of the trial starts in Seville and ends in Navarra.

Source: Google Maps and Spanje Vandaag (Dutch)

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