Nova Gorica to be the European Capital of Culture 2025 in Slovenia

Nova Gorica to be the European Capital of Culture 2025 in Slovenia
Nova Gorica to be the European Capital of Culture 2025 in Slovenia. Image: Creative Europe.

Nova Gorica has been recommended for the European Capital of Culture 2025 title in Slovenia. Nova Gorica, in western Slovenia, competed with Ljubljana, Piran and Ptuj.

Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, said:

“Congratulations to Nova Gorica, its public authorities, its cultural institutions and its inhabitants on winning the national competition to become European Capital of Culture in 2025. It will be the second Slovenian city, after Maribor in 2012, to hold this title. Hosting a European Capital of Culture is a great opportunity for a city and a region to boost their cultural ambitions, to bring culture close to the heart of their communities and to learn more about each other – and about themselves. Next to Chemnitz in Germany, Nova Gorica will form a dynamic duo that will make the most of this title and ensure its long-term cultural, economic and social benefits.”

Nova Gorica, the railway station in Nova Gorica and the Kostanjevica Monastery near Nova Gorica. Images: SI-Ziga Wikimedia CC0, Luigi Rosa Wikimedia CC BY-SA 2.0 and Viator Slovenicus Wikimedia CC BY-SA 3.0.

European Capitals of Culture
The European Capitals of Culture initiative is designed to:

  • Highlight the richness and diversity of cultures in Europe
  • Celebrate the cultural features Europeans share
  • Increase European citizens’ sense of belonging to a common cultural area
  • Foster the contribution of culture to the development of cities

The initiative was developed in 1985 and has, to date, been awarded to more than 50 cities across the European Union.

Upcoming European Capitals of Culture are:

  • 2021: Elefsina (Greece), Timisoara (Romania) and Novi Sad (Serbia),
  • 2022: Kaunas (Lithuania) and Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg)
  • 2023: Veszprém (Hungary)
  • 2024: Tartu (Estonia), Bad Ischl (Austria) and Bodø (Norway)
  • 2025: Chemnitz (German) and Novi Gorica (Slovenia)

For more information about the European Capitals of Culture initiative, download the factsheet here.

Source: Creative Europe.

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