Romanian Ministry of Culture turns 18th-century mansion into training centre for restorers

Vârnav Liteanu House in Liteni, Romania
Vârnav Liteanu House in Liteni, Romania. Image: Madviperboy Wikimedia CC-BY-SA 4.0

The descendants of a Romanian aristocratic family donated an 18th-century mansion to the Romanian Ministry of Culture and National Identity. The ministry plans to turn the mansion into a training centre for restorers.

“We want to turn the Vârnav Liteanu House, in the town of Liteni, into a training centre for restorers, coordinated by the Romanian National Heritage Institute, to help develop and strengthen the professions involved in protecting the architectural heritage, but also to contribute to the specialisation of professionals working in museums and research institutions”, said Minister of Culture Bogdan Gheorghiu.

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