Old city of Porto
Old city of Porto Image: François Philipp Wikimedia CC BY-SA-2.0

New visitor attraction opened in Porto’s old port wine cellars

World of Wine, a new cultural hub for tourists has opened in the UNESCO World Heritage centre of Porto. It consists of six interactive museums, nine restaurants, bars and cafes, which were created from the restoration of the city’s old port wine cellars.

A perfect tribute for a city with centuries-old port-wine tradition, WOW has been in the planning for five years now. Located centrally on the south bank of the Duoro River, the space boasts of impressive open-air views of one of Porto’s most striking sceneries, the Dom Luís I Bridge. World of Wine is one of the largest European tourism projects to be launched this year. Through its museums, it showcases the Porto’s wine, cork, fashion, textile and chocolate traditions in a way that is entertaining to visitors of all ages including children. The musseum features immersive exhibits, historical artefacts and exhibits look like they were pulled straight from movie sets.

The icing on the cake is the open-air space up top where families and friends can gather (at a safe distance) to enjoy food and drink while taking in the story-book views of Porto.

Sourced from Lonely Planet.