Climate change threatens Port wine and cave paintings in river valleys

Duoro Valley
Duoro Valley, Portugal. Image: Marco Varisco, Wikipedia. CC BY-SA 2.0

Climate change is putting ‘existing heritage’ of two Portuguese river valleys at risk, scientists say. In danger are the vines that produce the famous Port wine and prehistoric cave paintings at the Duoro and Coa rivers. 

Pedro Matos Soares of the University of Lisbon explains that temperature increases are “our greatest concern, as they threaten the harvests – particularly of grapes and other productions”. Furthermore,  colleague Esmeralda Paupério added that forest fires, exacerbated by climate change, put the legendary cave paintings at 80 sites in the Coa valley at risk, largely because of the ‘thermic shock’ that is caused when planes dump their cargos of water.

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