Possible Cave and Tunnels Detected Under Castle Olsztyn

Olsztyn Castle in Southern Poland.
Olsztyn Castle in Southern Poland. Image: Pudelek Wikimedia CC BY SA 4.0

A large cave and a network of tunnels have been discovered in the limestone crags underneath Castle Olsztyn, a 14th century strong in southern Poland.

This discovery was made during an investigation of what is known as the Lower Castle Cave of Olsztyn, where they recovered a medieval tile depicting a falconer, when they realized its floor surface was made of hardened sediment. The team comprised of Archaeologist Mikołaj Urbanowski and his colleagues.

“The initial results are very promising and indicate the existence of a network of voids and crevices under the floor of the already known cave,” explained Adrian Marciszak of Wrocław University.

The study suggests the cave is about 23 feet deep. 

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