Buildings and Landscapes

In the framework of the Young Architects Forum last year in Barcelona, ACE talked with Jaufret Barrot about quality in the built environment, sustainability, temporary use and reuse of empty buildings, YTAA and the relevance of architectural policies. Jaufret BARROT is a French architect and civil-engineer based in Toulouse (France). Finalist of the Young Talent Architect Award in 2016, he designed a solution to adapt unused buildings into temporary housing, with the contribution and implication of the people living or working there (Bordelongue neighborhood, Toulouse). Continue reading
A new pilot project involving 3D digitising of a culturally significant building in Italy is set to used as example for future similar projects. The new project should generate valuable knowledge relating to benchmarks, methodologies and guidelines for 3D digitisation of cultural heritage monuments and sites. The protocols, tools and platform of the project are developed by Project INCEPTION, part of the EU-funded Horizon 2020. Continue reading