Justin Francis: “Why Venice should resign its UNESCO World Heritage status”

Tourism in Venice
Tourism in Venice Image: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra (wikimedia)

“Last month the Venetian authorities announced a new tourist tax on daytrippers to the city – a move approved by the Italian Parliament. It’s not yet clear when or how the tax will be introduced, but day visitors to Venice will be charged up to €10 to enter the city, depending on the season.” Justin Francis from Responsible Travel argues why the city built on water should resign its coveted status

“While the tax will raise funds to help clear up the litter that tourists leave in their wake, it’s a short-term solution that doesn’t address the central issue – the fact that there are too many visitors in the first place. Venice needs to prioritise local residents over tourists, and a first and symbolic step should be for the city to resign its Unesco World Heritage status.”

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