Picture of Biccari
Biccari, with its 'Byzantine tower' visible in the background. Image: Milla1974 (Canva) CC)

Tiny Italian town flooded with attention after offering cheap houses

In recent years, a number of Italian towns have had to deal with shrinking population sizes. A problem that comes with people leaving towns is that houses, often in historical city centres, get abandoned and slowly start to decay. To solve both these problems, some towns have started offering these houses for €1, under the condition that the new owners fix the houses themselves. Recently, the southern Italian town Biccari has added another solution: offer houses that are ready to move in for cheap.

In Biccari, you can buy the €1 houses that need fixing, but for ‘complete’ houses the prices are still pretty low: between about €7,500 and €13,000. This offer is apparently so good that over 7,000 people from all over the world have already sent messages asking to buy a house. This might be a problem because there are ‘possibly more than a hundred’ available, according to the sources.

In any case, this shows that there is still enough interest to live in towns like these. Biccari was founded by Romans and flourished in the Middle Ages and features a few Medieval monuments. The mayor, Gianfilippo Mignogna, saw how many nice houses in the old center were slowly being forgotten and came up with this plan. If his plan succeeds in bringing this old town back to life, it might be a good alternative for the other towns struggling with depopulation. A plan like this could help in keeping small towns flourishing, but it could also help in keeping historical houses in good condition.

Source: CNN, Forbes

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