Italian heritage organisation launches new educational series on YouTube: “Back to Europe”

Italian Fondazione Museo storico del Trentino has launched on its YouTube channel an 8-part series telling Europe to high school students. A journey through time and space, intertwining local and European dimensions, historical and current issues.

“Back to Europe” – yes, the title refers to Michael J. Fox’s cult movie! – is a series about the European Heritage Label site Fort Cadine, “military architecture” and witness of conflicts, but also about contemporary Europe, its institutions, history and symbols. Here are the subjects of the episodes: fortress and open borders, national currency and the Euro, symbols and belonging, Euroregion, human rights, mobility and green deal, youth and future, international cooperation.

Fort Cadine. Source: Fondazione Museo storico del Trentino

Fort Cadine, an important part of the Austro-Hungarian defensive system, outlines the historical importance of Trentino area (north Italy) as a place of contested borders and uneasy cultural integration, but it also enhances cultural encounters and intercultural dialogue over the historic lessons of Europe. As part of the project, more than 200 students have replied to a questionnaire; their thoughts and ideas about Europe are also part of the episodes.

The series is in Italian with English subtitles. Written by Luca Caracristi, Denis Pezzato, Sara Zanatta; realized by Busacca Produzioni Video; and illustrated by Nadia Groff. The educational videos are part of a larger project titled “Fort-Europe: Nice to Meet You” and funded under the “European Heritage Days – Call for European Heritage Label Sites // The Council of Europe and the European Commission”.

Watch the first episode below:

Source: Fondazione Museo storico del Trentino.