Inside stories from local residents: sustainable heritage in Italy

Report on a walking tour through heritage spaces in Macerata, Italy

This year in Italy, European Heritage Days were celebrated from 24-25 September, with the shared European theme “Sustainable Heritage – Preserving the past for future generations”. Local reporters Miguel and Tural visited Eco museum Villa Ficana, in Macerata in Italy. Join them for a walking tour as they discover the sustainability stories from the neighbourhood of the museum.

Organised for and by the residents of the neighbourhood, Miguel and Tural learn more about the heritage stories from the area. And the Eco museum itself is a marker of sustainability as well, since it was built from raw earth and straw and with bricks from a nearby factory. By teaming up with local residents, the museum can gather and spread their stories on local intangible and tangible heritage.

European Heritage Days

The European Heritage Days are one of the biggest cultural events that take place in 50 countries in Europe. From mid-August to early November, thousands of events will take place across these countries to celebrate their national culture and heritage. Take a look at our video from Greece about a workshop on material reuse and creating innovative and stylish products from them.

Filmed by local volunteers

The ‘Local Heritage Reports 2022’ were filmed by young local reporters from 10 countries, such as Ireland, Finland, and Germany. The theme for the European Heritage days was ‘sustainability’.

Click to view the report (3 minutes)