As tourists stay away, Tower of Pisa can undergo restorations in peace

Now that tourists stay away from Pisa's famous tower, conservators can work in peace. Image: Michelangelo Artwork (Canva) CC0

One of Italy’s most famous tourist sites, the tower of Pisa, is undergoing renovations. Usually, the large amounts of tourists make it difficult to perform maintenance work on the building. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic, visitors have stayed away because of travel restrictions.

For the conservation team, the pandemic is something of a blessing in disguise, France24 reported. Because of the lack of tourists, conservators have plenty of time and space to inspect the building. When the iconic tower was built in 1173, the soft underground caused it to start leaning over. Therefore, the structure needs to be maintained very carefully. 

Hanging from a rope

In March, a team of conservators suited up in climbing gear to inspect the outside of the tower’s capitals, columns and arches. ”Today will be different from normal because we are going to be hanging on ropes”, conservator Sara Quirico explained to France24.

Instead of installing scaffolds to inspect Pisa’s most famous landmark, the team will ascend from the top of the tower by rope. ”This procedure is simpler and more flexible”, mentioned technical director Roberto Cela. “It also allows us to carry out the protection of this historical building faster.” You can watch the full report in the video below:

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Source: France24