Archaeologists discovered ‘elaborate’ details of a complete ancient Roman city without digging

Porta di Giove at Falerii Novi, Italy.
Porta di Giove at Falerii Novi, Italy. Image: Mongolo1984 Wikimedia CC BY SA 4.0

Falleri Novi, the ancient city which once stood 31 miles to north from Rome was buried underground due to the course of time. Research is being conducted on the city with ground penetrating radar.

Falleri Novi was built and inhabited around 241 BC but was abandoned during 700 AD, in the early Medieval period. The radar has been able to map the whole city underground for the first time revealing water pipeline connecting to an aqueduct and elaborately built temple and bath complex. They have also found the layout of the city to be different than Pompeii and other ancient Roman cities that have been studied.

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