Irish survey: ‘huge’ public support for archaeology

Multivallate Ringfort at Rathrá, Co Roscommon, Ireland.
Multivallate Ringfort at Rathrar, Ireland Image: West Lothian Archaeological Trust (Jim Knowles, Frank Scott and John Wells) (wikimedia)

A survey, conducted by the Irish Heritage Council concludes that the support and appreciation for archaeology in the country is higher than ever, with 95% of respondents agreeing that archaeology has a functional application in a modern society.

Comparable studies in other countries show that the Irish support is higher than the European average at 90%. The Council attributes this to the many archaoelogical sites scattered over the country and the “undeniable place of importance of archaeology in Irish culture”.

Irish Heritage Council
The Heritage Council was established in 1995 by the Irish government to “engage, educate and advocate to develop a wider understanding of the vital contribution that our heritage makes to our social, environmental and economic well-being.”

Read the full article at het Heritage Council Ireland.

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