Greece offers treasures swap to retrieve Parthenon sculptures

Parthenon, Athens
Parthenon, Athens Image: Steve Swayne (wikimedia)

Greece has tried for a long time to recover the marble sculptures of the Parthenon, removed by Earl Thomas Bruce of Elgin between 1801 and 1803. The pieces, which once adorned the famous greek monument are now located at the British Museum.

This week, newly elected Greek prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has made an unusual, albeit maybe unofficial offer to the host country in a bid to recover the missing scultpures. In return for the repatriation of the marbles, Mitsotakis offered to provide other classical treasures to display. Treasures which have never been exhibited abroad.

The move is specifically noteworthy as President Macron of France has recently reacted positively to a request for repatriation.

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