Appeal Europa Nostra: ‘Save antiquities ‘in situ’ at Thessaloniki Metro Station’

Venizelos Metro Station in Thessaloniki
Venizelos Metro Station in Thessaloniki Image: Europa Nostra

On 16 December 2019, following the latest worrying developments regarding the invaluable antiquities that had been discovered at the Venizelos Metro Station in Thessaloniki, Greece, Europa Nostra made an appeal to the Central Archaeological Council (ΚΑΣ) as well as to the Greek Government expressing its concern about the recently suggested plan against their in situ preservation. This appeal was made public prior to the meeting of the Central Archeological Council held on 18 December.

The antiquities of the Venizelos Metro Station in Thessaloniki came into the international spotlight again due to a recent suggested revision of the initial plan to keep the antiquities in their original context. The proposed revision of the initial plan was due to be voted on Wednesday 18 December by the Members of the Central Archaeological Council (ΚΑΣ). The new plan foresees the removal of the antiquities from their original setting, invoking financial criteria and arguments related to the further delay of the metro development project in case the initial plan of the “in situ” preservation of the antiquities is implemented.

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