Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin
Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin Image: Adrian Purser (wikimedia) CC BY SA 2.0

Redesign for Berlin’s Checkpoint Charlie area sparks criticism

Checkpoint Charlie, the famous former crossing point between East and West Berlin is to receive a make over. The current situation, where tourists are tempted for photographs with fake guards has been called a Disneyland and was recently criticized by former US Ambassador Jeff Kornblum. However, the city council and the the owner of the site, a real estate developer, are at odds over what the area should become.

The real estate developer had plans to build a Hotel by the American Hardrock franchise, but they got cancelled. The city prefers a different approach to the the historically significant location. It has suggested plans which include more open space and lower buildings, and a development which includes more social housing and a museum about the Cold War.

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Checkpoint Charlie (wiki)
Checkpoint Charlie became a symbol of the Cold War, representing the separation of East and West during the Cold War

Have a look at the situation below. The map shows checkpoint Charlie and the open space which is to be built upon.