Mission Patrimoine
Mission Patrimoine Image: FDJ

Second edition for French lottery-funded restorations takes off

This week, the French project ‘Mission Patrimoine’ was renewed. The
project aims to raise funds for restoration of French monuments in need with scratch tickets. People who buy one or more scratch lottery tickets contribute a certain amount to the fund. A previous edition, which was launched last year proved itself wildy successful and popular, partly due to the inclusion of the public to select the beneficiairies.

French monuments in need of additional funds can subscribe to be included in the project. However, they have to be lucky, as 250 sites have already applied and only 118 sites will eventually be selected to participate in the project. 18 of those, the most endangered sites, are to be prominently featured on the scratch cards themselves.

Last year’s edition raised more than 40 million euros which was distributed to 269 monuments.

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