Chateau de Commarque, Dordogne
Chateau de Commarque, Dordogne Image: Patrivia

Patrivia, promotion and ticketing service for French and Belgian heritage adds gift vouchers to service

Created in 2016 by two heritage fans, Patrivia is a social and conscientious company that provides a promotion and ticketing service for French and Belgian heritage. Over 300 sites are listed on the website, nearly all exclusively. The platform makes culture available to all, while supporting the heritage sector’s necessary transition to digital. As the European Year of Cultural Heritage draws to a close and the approach of the holiday season, the start-up launches gift vouchers for Cultural Heritage.

Patrivia is an online promotion and ticketing service dedicated to heritage, which connects site managers with visitors, allowing the purchase of tickets for visits to castles, museums, monuments and gardens. This different, innovative and unique system answers to the problem of digitalisation of heritage.

Indeed, no centralized ticketing system exists in France, while the country has an incredible heritage that attracts millions of tourists every year. 99% of castles in France do not have an online payment system for visits, while 30% of European purchases are made today via the Internet.

Supported by €235,000 of love money raised in December 2017, Patrivia won the prize for the most promising ticketing start up of the year at the first edition of FrenchTick 2018. The service has become the leading online ticketing service in their field. The 8 members of the team are as devoted to promoting heritage to those that visit these sites as to the monuments themselves.