Paris’ newest art museum in the Bourse de Commerce

The Bourse de Commerce, Paris. Image: Ath wik (Wikimedia), CC BY-SA 4.0.

The 18th century Bourse de Commerce in Paris has been turned into a museum for contemporary art. The former stock exchange has been renovated and will house the collection of billionaire François Pinault.

The Bourse & the collection

Pinault has about 10.000 contemporary art pieces in his collection. Notable artists include Picasso, Degas, Mondriaan and Warhol. Since 2006, it was exhibited in the Palazzo Grassi in Venice. Now, it’s been moved to Bourse de Commerce, Paris’ 18th century exchange. It was used to trade grain from 1767 to 1873 and as a commodity exchange from 1889 to 1998.

The renovation

Renovating the Bourse took three years. The opening was planned for 2020, but has been postponed to this year because of the pandemic. France is slowly opening up again, so visitors can now see all the art pieces in the renovated Bourse. The renovation was headed by architect Tadao Ando. Watch these videos for more information on the renovation:

Source: CNN, Artlyst, Wikipedia

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