French Stonemason. Image: Kazi yangu, Wikimedia. CC BY-SA 4.0

Notre Dame cathedral fire could ease France’s shortage of artisans

Restoration work on Paris’ iconic cathedral has yet to begin six months since the fire, but some good has come of it. People are taking more interest in learning the skilled trades needed to rebuild Notre Dame.

About 100 people have started training as stonemasons at Les Compagnons du Devoir, France’s organization of craftspeople and artisans, in September. That’s 10% more than the previous year, says Les Compagnons spokeswoman Elsa Fontanille.

“The fire was a watershed moment for quite a few of our new students,” she said, adding that the number of students in other skilled trades needed for the reconstruction of Notre Dame had also increased — by up to a fifth compared to 2018. Those include roofing, carpentry and masonry.

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