Living like a king: French Palace of Versailles opens hotel

Guests can now experience the Palace of Versailles as they can book a room at Le Grand Controle hotel. Image: frimufilms/Canva

Good news for fans of French heritage as the famous Château de Versailles has now opened up its first hotel ever: Le Grand Controle. Guests can stay in one of the 14 rooms or suites in one of the palace’s historic buildings. The hotel’s opening was delayed due to the coronacrisis, but visitors can now finally stay at the UNESCO World Heritage Site overnight. 

Sleeping at the former centre of France’s political and military power does come at a cost. The “cheapest” room you can book starts at just €1700 a night, CNN reported. A search around Airelles’ website, the luxury hotel brand that manages the property, shows that the most expensive room starts at €10500 per night. But visitors do get plenty of extras in return for their royal holiday.

For “only” €1700, you can sleep like the French Sun King Louis XIV. Or at least at the same palace. Image: Airelles/screenshot

Heritage highlight

Apart from a private butler, guests will be treated to the ultimate luxury experience within France’s fairytale castle. This includes exclusive spas and swimming pools as well as after-hours access to the Hall of Mirrors. You can pay for a complete tour through the famous hall to experience the 357 mirrors without other tourists around you – the ultimate highlight for lovers of French history and heritage.

Guests at Le Grand Controle will wake up to the sight of the famous Orangerie, designed by French architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart. Image: Sarymsakov/Canva

The hotel is named after one of its buildings: Le Grand Controle. It was designed by Louis XIV’s preferred architect Jules-Hardouin Mansart. The other buildings you can stay at are Le Petit Controle and the Pavilion. Each of the fourteen rooms is named after a former resident. These include French statesman Jacques Necker and his daughter Madame de Stael.

However, despite the presence of important and distinguished royals and statespeople, everyday life at Versailles was far less luxurious than one might think. Check out the video below to learn more about the day to day issues at the famous palace.

Source: Airelles and CNN

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