Piece d'Histoire
Piece d'Histoire Image: Monnaie de Paris

French commemorative coins raise funds for restoration of monuments

La Monnaie de Paris, the French mint, has formed a partnership with the heritage fund of Mission Stéphane Bern. La Monnaie de Paris is to launch a new series of coins called Pièce d’Histoire (a piece/ coin of history) which commemorate French numismatic history. However, part of the profit will be donated to the heritage fund, thus participating in the restoration of monuments.

Piece d’Histoire
The 12 new coins are produced as collector’s items, depicting designs based on historical French coins. The sets will cost between 13 and 200 euros. For each purchase, 1 euro will be donated to the fund.

Mission Stéphane Bern
The Mission Stéphane Bern is an initiative entrusted to the popular journalist to raise funds for the identification of Another project within the initiative is the Loto du Patrimoine, where funds are raised with Scratch lottery cards.

Read more about the project and view the total collected amount (in English) at Monnaie de Paris.

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