'Be our guest'. Exterior of Villa Majorelle.
'Be our guest'. Exterior of Villa Majorelle. Image: Soudier Pixabay CC 0

France’s most iconic Art Nouveau house restored and ready to welcome guests

“The flowing forms and decorative motifs and the continuous interplay between the exterior and the interior make Villa Majorelle an example of successfully applying the notion of artistic unity,” it reads on the villa’s description. It was constructed between 1901-02 in Nancy as the family house for Louis Majorelle. It was designed by Henri Sauvage as the first completely Art Nouveau house in the city of Nancy.

Villa Majorelle has undergone a restoration costing € 2.5 million which has been mindful of its current function of a museum and previous incarnation as a home. The villa is now ready to welcome guests once again in an “immersive experience into the city in the 1900s” that will feel like entering the private life of Louis Majorelle and his family. The official date of reopening is 15th and 16th February.

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