'Baking Bread'
'Baking Bread' Image: DW Euromaxx YouTube

Video | ‘Baking Bread’: What bread reveals about the EU countries

Hosted by political correspondent Georg Matthes, the new TV series ‘Baking Bread’ explores a traditional bread recipe from each of the European Union’s countries and humorously links it to the nation’s political context.

Like other Germans, Matthes obviously grew up with the country’s rich bread culture — which was officially listed by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2015.

“Bread really stands for Europe. There’s such diversity, and it’s so deeply culturally rooted in the European idea”, says Matthes. In many cases, the special ingredients of a regional specialty are linked to the international history of a country.

For example, as Matthes points out, the leavening agent in Ireland’s traditional soda bread, baking soda, actually came from the US. The Irish classic is testimony to the migratory and political ties between both countries, as is the fact that 22 former US presidents had Irish roots — including Obama.

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