Special Magazine Issue Explores Notre Dame Restoration After the Fire

The Journal of Cultural Heritage is releasing a special issue all about Notre Dame Cathedral after its devastating 2019 fire. The issue is called “Notre-Dame de Paris: a multidisciplinary scientific site” and will be available in early 2024.

Over 100 scientists and researchers from all sorts of backgrounds came together for this project, which was funded by the French government. They studied the cathedral’s wood, stone, stained glass, metal, artwork, sound, and even the digital records being kept about it. The special issue will also talk about the feelings people have about the cathedral and how it brought the community together.

This project is more than just about fixing a building. It’s about using science and teamwork to understand and save a piece of history, making sure the story of Notre Dame can continue.

This project shows how important it is for scientists from different fields to work together on historical sites. It sets a new standard for how we can protect our cultural treasures.

The best part? The entire special issue of the Journal of Cultural Heritage will be available for free online until July 1, 2024. This makes the important research available to everyone.


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