Say hello to the new generation of Heritage Professionals

Héctor Aliaga
Héctor Aliaga

Europeana pro Is exploring the vital role that cultural heritage can play in the New European Bauhaus initiative through a series of conversations with cultural professionals and heritage advocates.

Read the interview with Héctor Aliaga, an up and coming young architect from Madrid with a broad vision on cultural heritage. It’s a short but inspiring conversation that touches upon the role of new technologies, heritage education and, of course, the New European Bauhaus initiative.

Most of all, the interview depicts the energy, vision and forward thrust of a new international connected generation of cultural professionals. Make way, make way!!

The ideas, points of view and proposals of young people and those new to the sector are just as valid as those of other professionals; even if they do not have the same experience or the same tools.

*Read the interview on Europeana pro and read one of Hector’s articles

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