Download and read the Innocastle baseline survey

Innocastle baseline survey
Innocastle baseline survey

On 24 September, the Innocastle mid-term conference was organised with over 100 participants. During the conference, an important project publication, the Innocastle baseline survey, was published. The Innocastle baseline survey is an exploration of the rural estates – historical castles, manors and estates – as well as the policies and actors that influence these sites in four European regions: Center Development Region in Romania, West Flanders in Belgium, Badajoz in Spain and Gelderland in the Netherlands.

The study takes a forward looking approach to rural estates by identifying and exploring the future potential of these sites and the elements influencing that potential. As such it forms a basis for improving policies in the four regions to better support the preservation, transformation and exploitation of this heritage towards the future. By exploring the similarities and differences between these regions it as well tries to find common ground between them and get a better understanding of this heritage in a broader European perspective.

You can download the survey here and rewatch the conference here.

Source: Innocastle.

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