Podcast: Europeana Foundation Executive Director Harry Verwayen on culture, science and carbon footprints

Still from Technoculture podcast via Europeana.

Technoculture podcaster Federica Bressan caught up with Europeana Foundation Executive Director Harry Verwayen at the recent Europeana 2019 conference in Lisbon. In a special podcast edition for EuroScientist, Harry talks about the relevance of Europeana for science professionals, and what Europeana is doing to reduce its carbon footprint.

He calls for science professionals to join us, quoting Europeana 2019 keynote speaker Michael Edson’s message, ‘If we win slow, we lose’. He says, ‘Technological advancements are going so fast at the moment, robotics, artificial intelligence and so forth and the crisis that we’re facing is increasingly challenging – climate change, for example.

Check out the podcast at Europeana.

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