Pilot programme could help cultural heritage sector make digital transformation

A new workshop by Europeana Pro and DEN Academy aims to bring the digital transformation closer to the cultural heritage sector.

Nowadays, a large part of our lives takes place online. But for many organisations, especially in the cultural heritage sector, it’s not easy to adapt to the digital transformation. A new programme by Europeana Pro and the DEN Academy aims to figure out how digital strategy can become part of heritage policy.

The first group of participants is made up of members from the Europeana Aggregators Forum. A second cohort will start with the programme in summer 2021. All Europeana Network Association members can apply. The results of these workshops will be used to organise future programmes, the organisers stated in a press release.

Leadership and challenges

The aim of the pilot “Leadership Programme on Digital Strategy & Innovation” is to provide cultural heritage professionals with the skills to help their institutions to become more aware of the possibilities of the digital transition. Besides learning skills, the results of this pilot will be used to improve the programme further. For example, in an international context. Every country might pose its own challenges. These include language, “cultural differences among the participants, or even differences in national laws’’, the organisers stated.

The pilot programme includes six and half days of training sessions, within the next three months. Decision-makers and key stakeholders are encouraged to participate, so the leading figures in the cultural heritage sector can “lead the digital transformation in a structured and impactful way.’’

The organisers mention a twofold approach to the pilot. “We offer bottom-up support through helping professionals gain digital literacy and fluency. And top-down support by encouraging organisations to shift their focus towards digital.’’

Source: Europeana Pro

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